Paring 130F Stainless 130mm


  • Weight: 58g/ 2.05oz
  • Blade Length: 130mm/5 inch
  • Total Length: 230mm/ 9 inch
  • Steel: AEB-L Stainless Steel
  • Spine Thickness above Heel: 2mm
  • Blade Height: 25mm
  • Handle: Tasmanian Blackwood/ Black G10/ Mosaic pins
  • Rockwell Hardness 61-62 

     *Timber grain and colour may vary.


    These are small utility knives, similar to a Japanese petty knife, but at 130mm are large enough to work well on a cutting board as well as handheld. Like most great tools each cook will have their preferred use for each knife.


    A very pure stainless steel, originally developed for razor blades in Sweden, takes a very fine edge, and has great corrosive resistance. Easy to sharpen. That's everything you want in a kitchen knife.

    Tasmanian Blackwood  

    Boasting a variety of colours ranging from light golden-brown to deep brown (sometimes with a reddish tint) and occasionally showing black streaks, the timber radiates a subtle beauty that makes it irresistible to Tasmanian designers. Additional character results from the grain of the wood, which can be straight or wavy with a natural lustre.

    Type: Paring Knife

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